The extension of the scholarship program aims to raise awareness in our scholars and ensure the continuity of their personal development. We believe that coaching the youth will help their orientation in life. Therefore, the scholarship program is called "From Dreams to Goals".

We are aware of the fact that our goal is not only sponsoring the youth financially. We organized brunches in the weekends to transfer our knowledge & experiences. We invited them to several club activities. We worked with them in certain tasks in our projects. We invited them to our training programs in gender equality. We believed that coaching would improve their awareness and help them focus on the right goals in life. Since our scholars are living in disadvantaged districts, they usually have social or family problems and need help to discover their own potential. Consultancy was provided in terms friendship and opposite sex relations, educational issues, confidence building and self-expression in public.

The volunteeer professional personal coach Meltem Kılıçcı taught 9 of our scholars the necessary skills and competencies in these social and personal issues. 10 face to face sessions were scheduled for each scholar and 5 scholars interested in the project were selected for the sessions. Some scholars needed 10 sessions, whereas some needed 4 sessions to achieve their goals.